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Hazardous Materials: New York City Permit Requirements for Transportation of Certain Hazardous Materials

Decision on petition for reconsideration of an administrative determination of preemption.
On July 6, 2017, PHMSA published in the Federal Register an administrative determination that Federal hazardous material transportation law preempts, in part, FDNY's permit, inspection, and fee requirements. FDNY has petitioned for reconsideration of that determination. FDNY's petition for reconsideration is granted in part, and denied in part, as follows: 1. Permit and Inspection Requirement--PHMSA affirms its determination that the HMTA preempts FDNY's permit and inspection requirements, FC 2707.4 and 105.6, with respect to vehicles based outside the inspecting jurisdiction, and its determination that the HMTA does not preempt these requirements with respect to vehicles that are based within the inspecting jurisdiction. PHMSA's determination is based on its conclusion that FDNY's permit and inspection requirements create an obstacle to accomplishing and carrying out the HMR's prohibition against unnecessary delays in the transportation of hazardous material on vehicles based outside the inspecting jurisdiction. 2. Permit Fee--Based on new information supplied by FDNY, PHMSA reverses its determination that FDNY is not using the revenue it collects from its permit fee for authorized purposes. However, PHMSA affirms its determination that the permit fee is not ``fair,'' as required by 49 U.S.C. 5125(f)(1), and therefore affirms its determination that the permit fee is preempted.
85 FR 29505